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Luckily, Apple thought of that and included a new, full-screen mode for Safari in iOS 6. Foundry is a responsive and flat theme for any full screen WordPress websites. Web Page Clipper for Evernote. While the tool will work across all screens, it is a more handy option for taking screen captures of web pages on mobile devices – phones and tablets – where For the last 2 months or so, about one in 10 times that I unlock my phone, as soon as it passes the lock screen I'm greeted with a full page pop up ad. Keep track of your daily tasks, organize multiple lists, and track important deadlines with Google Tasks. For tech related news and how-to answers,  Android tip: How to run your mobile website in “web app” mode Your mobile web application will run in full screen mode when launched from the home screen  I made the necessary changes to turn OSM. This makes it possible to present desired content—such as an online game—using the user's entire screen, removing all browser user interface elements and other applications from the screen until full-screen mode is shut off. Install the Show Title Tag extension from the Chrome Web store. Also Read: How To Take Scrolling Screenshot On Android And iOS? SHARE This is the best app for scrolling screenshots for android on playstore. Full screen Overlay Effects 3. It works every on your desktop, Android mobile phone, iPhone or iPad. Droid project to display html that contains videos embedded in <iframe>. The Full Screen option is available on most web browsers by clicking on the relevant link. Tutorial about implementing android splash screen in your application. You know when you're looking at a web page and you wanna open  Capture Web Page will open a screen with a URL bar at the top. UC Browser for Android. Now in the left corner click on the three dots (…) 3. To access it again, pull down. Google Chrome full-screen mode hides distractions on your desktop, including the bookmarks bar, menu buttons, open tabs, and the operating system's clock and taskbar. They also made Full Screen site customization easier by including the popular Visual Composer plugin. This app features 2  2 Sep 2011 Adding web sites to the iOS home screen is somewhat of an obscure 'double- tap' gesture or perhaps by forcing full screen apps to launch in a new However, on Android, only positive integers achieved the desired effect,  28 Mar 2019 Google's Chrome Android app provides a commendable browsing and then type omnibox into the search box at the top of the screen that appears next. Go back to main browser interface, and load a webpage. All you need to do is open the website you want to add to the home screen in your browser of choice, lets say Google Chrome for Android for Once you re-open the browser, it will come up in full screen by default. They want to see Web pages on a full screen. Opening an App in Full Screen: 1. net project with telerik controls. If you’re tired of waiting on your favorite Android app to offer fullscreen, there’s a way to do it yourself with Immersive Mode. Hide Action  20 Apr 2017 Chrome 58 for Android allows full screen web apps, tweaks History History is now its own dedicated view instead of just a regular page with a  All major Web browsers support full-screen mode. Used in many kiosk applications and similar products. Instead, just use Google Chrome’s built-in full-page screenshot tool, launched in early 2017 and not very obvious to find. Explained usage of splash screen on two use case scenarios. Press ESC key when finished. So you can set a favorite/bookmark to any web page including the universal launcher. This app allows you to access your bookmarks from Stock Browser and Boat Browser. Resize the element on the webpage, and at the same time Full screen web prototype view on mobile browser (hide browser chrome) . Features: - Capture full web scrolling page into an image. 2. 1, you can jump Support Can't Scroll on Certain Web Pages. . You’ll be able to enter a name for the shortcut and then Chrome will add it to your home screen. In this mode, the browser uses the entire screen to display the Web page, and the page is displayed without  Fully Kiosk provides fullscreen mode, motion detection, remote admin and the launcher as simple and flexible as a web page; Launch other apps with full  10 Jul 2013 Chrome for Android updated with full screen tablet browsing and automatic If your web surfing takes you to a page that's not in your device's  25 Nov 2016 Auto Launch Webpages full screen on Android Take Screen Lock – This prevents the screen from powering off or locking so the page is always visible. with SVN using the repository’s web instead of the Android This is extremely useful when designing web pages, as it allows you to see how the page will look when viewed at a smaller size. If you ever want to disable the default full screen, just press F11 again to disable full screen and re-start the browser. * Note: The web page must only contain one video Android Q Recents Screen May Include Google Translate. Become a mobile browsing pro with these advanced tips for Google's Chrome Android browser. 4. Defining the Problem. Hi, For enabling full screen on videos/interactive sites in Google chrome browser : Go to Chrome settings > Site settings > Full screen For enabling full screen at all time during browsing you can try : GMD full screen immersive mode available on This tag is designed to show a chromeless environment after you have added your site to the iPhone's home screen. Features you’ll love in the Microsoft Edge app for iOS and Android. ” From now on, you can see the Website icon on your home screen for instant access! If you have a tip you’d like to share with other Firefox users, please post it on our Facebook page with # Getting Started: WebView-based Applications for Web Developers. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Right - on my old Fire, full-screen mode leaves just the address bar at the top and a narrow bar at the bottom with a ^ button to exit full-screen. This works fine but found some features not working. The developers created its design professionally, making it a perfect fit for blog, portfolio, business, or marketing pages. 10. Follow the steps above to open the Web apps page. Splash screen to show case your app logo and when pre fetching the data by making http calls. Features: Craig's latest tutorial shows how you can view games, videos and images in full-screen mode using a new HTML5 API provided in Firefox, Chrome and Safari. When user tries to click on the column header – filter menu shows up in normal page mode – but not in FULL Screen mode. - Capture full web scrolling screen into PDF. enabled flag. Finally, in Motion Detector, set the "send" to active (this ensures the intent is broadcast to other apps, ie Tasker) and then click "start motion detect". Hide Action bar. A better option is to use the Web App Manifest. Mostly, a browser app is always pre-installed on every Android Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Getting started with the Android WebView is fairly simple, whether you want load a remote URL or display pages stored in your app. Optionally automatic page reloading at configurable interval. have to do something like that for a web page to load properly. Please see attached screenshots. Usually my browser (chrome, android 4. 3. Full screen browsing on Android. For more Word tips and downloads Playing HTML5 video on fullscreen in android webview. 1 Aug 2019 1 Full-screen ads; 2 Notification ads; 3 Notification ads from a web browser There, you'll see every website that has ever sent notifications to  Trying to Access a Webpage that Refuses to Load the Desktop Version? Then This App Is For You! Open Desktop Version Of Webpages On Your Device. When this feature is enabled, the app will be forced to work in a full screen mode on your phone. where you are taken to a screen where you can see the 1. Hide status bar. Maximized mode is different. At the bottom, click Add . But on the HD10, with no full-screen option, there's the address bar, plus another bar above it with the page title, and the navigation bar at the bottom is wider than on the old device. This extension will show the page title-tag in the bottom of the page, so you can see the full title tag. Well, you could use a screenshot tool or a browser extension, but many of these won’t help you with full-page screenshots (or will be just as long and painful as the first method). If you want to take it a step further and go into Android's full do-not-disturb at a very important work-related web page in from your home screen. Android is the world's most popular mobile platform. Web App Manifest (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Samsung) Web browser that allows for full screen viewing. Alternatively, any AppStudio web app can run in fullscreen mode on Chrome for Android by opening the app in the browser, then: Tapping the Menu button (three vertical dots) in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (or tap the hardware menu button on those devices having one) How to Fix: Disable Full Screen Popup Ads in Android. Goal is to make the Radgrid to show up in Full screen. The Web app UI. org webpage into a fullscreen web app for Android/iOS on Jun 5,  25 Jun 2016 Build Full Screen Mobile Web App For Android Chrome need to do is to define your web app's settings such as your app's title, landing page,  4 Apr 2019 How to run fullscreen in an Android Chrome app Alternatively, any AppStudio web app can run in fullscreen mode on Chrome for Android by  Some content is best experienced fullscreen, like videos, games, image galleries, books, and slides in a presentation. With Screenshot Guru, you can capture beautiful, full-length high-resolution (retina display) PNG screenshot images of web pages, tweets and any public website. Turn your smartphone, tablet or Android stick into a full-fledged web server with PHP, MySQL or even Wordpress running on it. Mobile web applications must be streamlined and intuitive in order to compete with native applications, and the presence of the browser's user interface often only subtracts from the user experience and the site aesthetic as a whole. However, IE and Firefox can support a software code in windows API that is heavy in flux and enables the automatic full screen display of a webpage. WebView Tutorial With Example In Android Studio. THE WORLD IS FULL OF CONTENT. But such is not the case here, and that site is not unique in this sense either. This page shows how you can engage  Web browser that allows for full screen viewing. osm. This class is the basis upon which you can roll your own web browser or simply use it to display some online content within your Activity. But how do i set it to open an intranet site and set it to full screen without a user pressing f11? [SOLVED] How to run a browser to open a website in full screen at startup. Make sure that this option’s box is checked. Once you open a website with this app, you can capture the full webpage by clicking the “Save” button on the top right. Android ships with built-in options to pin websites to the start screen so that you can open then directly from there without having to open a web browser first. org in Chrome (latest version, OSX 10. "The Best Free Google Chrome Extension" by PCMAG. Adobe Acrobat enables you to view a PDF document in full screen view. Display pages in Desktop mode or Mobile mode. The renderer listens to Enter/ExitFullScreenRequested events on the web chrome client, transforms the native Android view to a Xamarin Forms view, and forwards the call to FullScreenEnabledWebView through its public enter/exit commands Of course, the scaling that the Android Browser and WebView apply is based on the web page's target density—as described in the section about Defining the viewport target density, the default target is medium-density, but you can change the target to affect how your web page is scaled for different screen densities. text on a web page that you want to act on, press and hold your finger on the words — then use the 1) Does the browser treat Fullscreen that came via a web page trigger any differently than if a user just went to the toolbar View > Full Screen? 2) I’m not sure I understand the limiting of key strokes while in full screen mode. Generate revenues with Google AdMob banner & full-screen interstitial ads. Adventurous user Smackel (Reddit) has discovered full screen browsing can be enabled by using WebGL. we’ll talk about full web page screenshot tools for Chrome I’ve been using Full Page Screen Capture for a couple of Android passes the full-screen content in an Android view, and this event exposes that view to the renderer. The second is what happens when I click  13 Mar 2018 Is it possible to run Android with only Chrome browser starting /usr/bin/ chromium-browser --no-sandbox --start-fullscreen can use for controlling what web sites your users can browse on Android tablets and smartphones. How to capture scrolling screenshots on Android. 4 ways to save a web page on an iPhone or Android phone Instead of bookmarking a URL that might disappear tomorrow, try saving a web page—permanently—to your Android or iOS handset. Full screen mode as default in Google Chrome and Opera. Next, open the Web Page that you want to save as a PDF document. 5. Plus, with the ever growing number of portable devices including iOS, Android, and now Windows phones, the problem is just growing in complexity. Craig is a freelance UK web consultant who built his first page for The full 8-movie 'Fast & Furious' Blu-ray box set is now $30 on Amazon Page up in any Web page/document view. This app can be customized for your product. Adding this property to your web page’s Update: The latest Windows 10 has a button in Start Menu to switch to full screen Start Screen. Google Chrome. Chrome Beta for Android was recently updated with the ability to enable WebGL. public class WebPage : ContentPage { protected WebView browser; public  27 Jan 2013 Chrome Beta for Android has been available in Google's Play store for go to a specific website to get the mobile browser to run in full screen. In the Advanced Settings screen, find the Auto-fit pages – Format Web pages to fit the screen option. Launch Chrome for Android and open the website or web page you want to pin to your home screen. It powers phones, tablets, watches, TVs, cars, and anything your imagination can dream up. Meet Web Screenshots, an online tool that will help you capture a full-length screenshot image of any “public” web page with a click. Display not showing full screen If the display does not fill the entire screen, the resolution may not be set correctly. The title of web page is taken as link title. 8 4 Unprefixed support is available behind the full- screen-api. On longer web pages, the title bar (which includes the open tab counter) automatically hides itself. This tutorial walks you through creating a new Android Project, adding a WebView, loading a remote URL, and then loading a local HTML page. When you use full-screen mode, Chrome occupies all the space on the screen. There are a number of Firefox add-ons that can help with full page screenshots, like Easy Screenshot, Nimbus Screen Capture, etc. Support for desktop and mobile versions of web pages. Two of the major changes Microsoft made in Windows 8 was a touch friendly full screen Start Screen and Metro apps. Built-in Fullscreen Mode in Chrome for Android. 11. I wouldn't rely on this to work for android. unprefix. To achieve this, you may use one of two methods. Normally this technique is used for displaying a login window without moving from existing page or displaying a video, when a user clicks on a link or button in a web page. Open the Firefox browser on your Android Phone or Tablet. So, continuing our commitment to making PWAs a top experience on mobile, we’re pleased to announce that Firefox 58 for Android ships with Web App Manifest support, in the form of “Add to Home screen” functionality. This snippet asks about the available viewport height and compares it with the device height to see if the URL bar is on the screen. The parts of the web browser you might be used to, like the Favorites bar, Address Bar, or Menu Bar, are hidden. Nice small tool for SEO guys and everyone using Chrome. How to make Firefox and websites go full screen Firefox can expand to fill your entire screen with its Full Screen feature. improved-initiative. 5 Partial support refers to supporting only  Full screen mode is available in Edge; using F11, Win+Shift+Enter, and the Settings and Android mobile devices, but typically, mobile apps take up the whole screen takes up the entire screen and shows only what's on the web page itself. After the installation, You can see the full title of the webpage in the bottom of the page in the current tab. As a Chrome user, I extensively make use of the screenshot extension for capturing and saving full web page screenshots of tutorials and guides for later reference. Open the Messages app on your Android phone to get started. Once you are on the Web Page, tap on the 3 dot icon, located in the top right corner of your screen (See image below). Enter an HTTPS or HTTP URL for your web app. Now, you do not have to swipe left and right to read articles anymore “Add to Home screen” comes to Firefox 58 for Android. Try one of these solutions first: Disabling hardware acceleration; Updating the Intel HD Graphics drivers This turns on the screen and leaves you with the web page showing full screen. 2) will go to a "full screen" mode when I scroll down a page of sufficient size. What if the page isnt quite big enough to scroll? For example, this is the page im trying to make full screen (www. Sometimes you need your entire browser window with a black tint in the background and make a popup at the center of the screen. Familiar Microsoft Edge features like the Hub allow you to organize the web in a way that cuts through the clutter, making it easier to find, view and manage your content on-the-go, wherever you are, without disrupting your flow. This allows the browser to run hardware accelerated graphics, but there is something else this update has brought to our attention. In an effort to maintain simplicity, here’s a separate article teaching how to displaying a loading (“splash”) screen while the webpage loads. You can Physical Web Lightswitch26th February 2016In "Android". com). Tasks synchronizes across all your devices, so your lists and tasks go with you, wherever you are. The Limitations HTML 5 Video and Full Screen Issues. White Screen Page When you want your display really clean. New system navigation: Re-design of Android's system navigation to help make it simpler to search and move between apps. This is something that is very easy to achieve in the likes of Chrome, Opera and Firefox, but When the iPhone 5 went 16:9 there was a risk that, while browsing the web in landscape, the top and bottom navigation menus in Safari would not only look ridiculously long, but the screen would look far too short to be enjoyable. 5). There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages to using the stock Android browser versus Chrome for Android. The utility is also handy when compiling screen-shots for documentation, using Sizer allows you to easily maintain the same window size across screen grabs. Web Browsers are one of the most significant pieces of software on your device that serves as a window to access the World Wide Web. COM. Today, you’ll learn how to take a Screenshot of a Web Page in Microsoft Edge. 0+ and the stock Android browser (not Chrome for Android). The Chrome and Opera browsers behave a bit different from Firefox and IE. The lean back mode is for fullscreen experiences in which users won't be interacting heavily with the screen, such as while watching a video. Nova's process is quite simple: While you're on the home screen (not in the app drawer or in an app), tap the home button; When all pages appear (Figure A), tap and hold the page to be removedDrag I wrote an article on making a website appear in a WebView component for an Android application. To make the browser bar scroll out of the way once your page has loaded see this question's answer: Removing address bar from browser (to view on Android) Edit: As per your update, I would like to add that I am actually not a native mobile web-app developer but while searching for your problems I found some SO questions that can help you to lead the way further: Removing address bar from browser (to view on Android) Fullscreen Web App for Android; And these tutorials: Full Screen Web Apps 1. Most modern browsers have full screen support for HTML 5 video but there is still the issue of the various flavors of codecs found out in the wild. The Select Images tool will allow you  11 Jan 2019 How to put in fullscreen Google Chrome and other web browsers: of what the Digital Citizen website looks like in Google Chrome in the  Most modern browsers have full screen support for HTML 5 video but there is still Plus, with the ever growing number of portable devices including iOS, Android, To insert the video into the web page you use the video tag and then link to  STEP 1 (how to open Chrome in full screen) a specific page or set of pages' and enter the desired website/URL you want Chrome to open. Or use the  10 Jul 2013 Chrome 28 hits Android with built-in Google Translate, fullscreen on the top toolbar disappears so you can see more web page content. 29 Aug 2014 Google Maps uses this trick to emulate a fullscreen experience on . The ad is always for some google-looking app and is presented by Google adsense. Now every time you click on a page you have to slide up every time to hide the In Android, when you view a prototype, the user get a notification  Convert your website/HTML into a powerful iOS/Android app easily. But some Apps you rather have in full-screen like Netflix and so on. Android Keyboard Shortcuts: Typing (will copy all text on-screen unless View Full Desktop Version of Facebook on Android Posted on August 28, 2018 by Mitch Bartlett 4 Comments Today, I was asked a question about using the Facebook For Android app to update a Facebook brand page for which you are an admin. how to enable fullscreen mode on your android phone, tablet, demonstration, help videos, tutorial, review comment it, rate it, subscribe it, Jesus it, Love it, i am wisdom , i love to give people Here are 4 Ways to Take Full Web Page Screenshots in Chrome and iOS. Now click on Full Screen. Use Messages for web to send SMS, MMS and chat messages from your computer. You can enter any webpage and take a long screenshot. Browser when UAString is set to either Android or 29 May 2019 Launching a fullscreen web page when the user navigates to it is not launch in full-screen "app mode" using Chrome for Android's "Add to  It does not take out the bottom bar on iOS as this will only disappear when the user installs the web page as a HTML5 app on his home screen. Please go to Menu > Settings and change the configuration of 'Website preference. Hide or dim navigation bar (Home, Back etc). org into fullscreen web app on iOS the www. Fully Kiosk tries to find the best available favicon to use as link icon for the current URL. Swipe up from anywhere to see full-screen previews of recently used apps, swipe left and right to easily navigate between them, and tap on one to jump in. I am currently doing a lot of reading on an online library site. One advantage, many would argue, is the ability to use Quick controls. To stand out, you need the right strategy, the right creative and the right partner in your corner. The text of the webpage will be adjusted to fit your screen size. I'm having trouble making these videos go into full screen when the user pushes the button to toggle full screen in the video player. Swift Programming Tutorial for Beginners (Full Tutorial Onboarding Screen Design - Android Studio The Best Full Screen Background Image Sizes for Web Design: Last Updated: 4/24/2017 I frequently get questions on the best size for background images from designers I work with. but it is a feature exclusive to Google's Chrome web browser, currently. When users want to bring back the system bars, they simply tap the screen anywhere. Add a title for your web app as you want it to appear on managed Google Play. Just click on monitor or appropriate color to make it full screen. In a Forms app we use a custom WebViewRenderer in the . First is of video on lds. How to View a PDF Document in Full Screen View. Thanks to the portability of android powered devices, we are no longer required to carry away our laptops everywhere we go. First let's discuss two main types of "full screen ads" that appear on Android phones. Chrome for Android has hit version 28 in the stable channel today. In Android, WebView is a view used to display the web pages in application. Frontend vs Backend vs Fullstack Web Development - What should you learn? 17:40. You can set up your web app to have an application shortcut icon added to a device's home screen, and have the app launch in full-screen "app mode" using Chrome for Android's "Add to Home screen" menu item. The first method of activating full-screen mode on Chrome is done through the Zoom option. Starting with Android 7. Profile 2 - this detects when the screen goes off and enables Profile 1. Choose a display mode: Full screen—The app opens in full screen mode, hiding the device’s status and navigation bars. Open the App you like to run in Full Screen. The highlight feature in this release is Google Translate for web pages Working with WebView: displaying web content inside your Android app correctly across the full range of Android the width of the current screen. The full screen view is useful when you are reading an online document or making a presentation using a PDF document. The Fullscreen API adds methods to present a specific Element (and its descendants) in full-screen mode, and to exit full-screen mode once it is no longer needed. In the Android OS, when we open a Web app it appears in the Recent Apps list as “Web app” (not our page’s title) and it look in a different spot than Chrome. When you add a website to the home screen on iOS, Chrome on Android  I'm trying to build a full screen application in Xamarin Forms. Google released an Android version of Chrome in 2012, and have never bothered to give it a fullscreen mode. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Now you can turn any webpage into PDF file to make notes and to save the web page for reading offline. One of the most difficult aspects of designing for mobile devices is the limited amount of screen space available. It is actually pretty easy to do so. Maximized mode also takes up your entire screen but the web browser controls are still available. How to Run a Web Server on Your Android Device - LAPTOP If you're looking for distraction-free web browsing, it makes sense to switch to full screen mode. JavaScript can work in IE, and combines the small order even Android. Have you ever wanted to take a screen capture of a whole Web page, but could only capture what was on your screen? We'll show you how to use a cool Google Chrome extension to capture a whole page. 26 Jan 2016 screenshot full webpage Apowersoft Screenshot is a free screen capture tool that you can get from Google Play Store. It's great for those itty bitty screens on netbooks, making the most of your HDTV or just because you want it to! How do I return a half page back to a full screen page I chose the double window, now I cannot return to a full 8. 10 Jun 2017 Is there a good way to enable full screen mode on iPhone / iPad? work, also the HTML based fullscreen button does not work on iOS (works on Android though). Please refer to the specifications for the computer to determine the optimal resolution for the system. This menu feature creates a link to the currently open web page on the Android Home screen. 8 Aug 2018 Need to take a screen capture in Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, or on other devices? Need to capture a full-page screenshot of a website?. Navigate to the screen you want to take a shot of. ### What you can do with FireShot: Capture full web pages entirely Capture only visible part of the page Capture selection Save screenshot to disk as PDF (with links), PNG, and JPEG Copy screenshot to clipboard Print web page screenshots ### A FREE upgrade is available. 5 x 11 page. There's no way to make it full screen anymore? That website is the only reason i bought this tablet and the search bar at the top takes up a quarter of the screen when i turn the tablet landscape. Full screen mode takes up the entire screen and shows only what's on the web page itself. detect the HTML5 video ended event and exit full-screen. Return to the web page and select Extended in the lower right corner. Now, from your homescreen (launcher) you can launch that website to be viewed in fullscreen. Since 2011, we've been the premier digital media partner for both talent and brands, currently serving over 2,500 talent and 400 brand clients. - Windows Forum - Spiceworks The platform that makes more possible. Web browser Google Chrome offers users the option of viewing their web content in full screen mode. The methods I'm using are for non-rooted phones, which is the majority of Android users. I am trying to use this api in . If you\'re one of those people who believes the menu bar just gets in the way, you can try a Registry tweak that can make your Web browser windows open at full screen size by default. If you fullscreen a web page that has a text area in it, does that mean I can’t type in it? This article revisits the full-screen API, which has changed a fair amount since the last time it was covered on SitePoint. To enable lean back mode, call setSystemUiVisibility() and pass SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_FULLSCREEN and SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_HIDE Chrome for Android has been updated to version 28, adding support for Full Screen browsing for tablets and support for web page language translations. Tap the menu button and tap Add to homescreen. This is a known issue on some computers with Intel HD Graphics when runing Internet Explorer 9. The Chrome 58 browser update for Android is now rolling out, and it adds support for running full screen web apps, among other new features. A very simple full-screen WebView activity for Android native wrappers, as a starting point. Another program that can help you screenshot full webpages on Android is Web Page Clipper. full screen browser Some people don\'t care to have a menu bar on their Web browser windows. If you are a Windows user, then you acquainted with Internet Explorer. Long Tap the bookmark (hold it for a little longer) and select “Add to Home Screen. Flash Player videos stop playing when you change the video's resolution to full-screen mode. This next tip is specific to Android 4. Use Android apps in full screen on notch display Android smartphones with notch display have a built-in feature in phone settings which allows you to choose apps that you want to use in full screen aspect ration. Check Out WebSnap, an Awesome Android App to Take Scrolling Screenshots of Web Pages on Android and Also Add Websites as Widgets on the Home Screen. android full screen web page

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